Exceptional reaction from mom when she discovers breastfeeding video online

Izabele Lomax, a mom from Maryland, was left in a complete shock when a friend of her sent her a screenshot from a video of a woman breastfeeding her baby in public who looked just like her.

Upon watching the video, Izabele realized someone took a video of her nursing her baby at the beach without covering herself. At the time she learned about it, the video was all over social media.

After tracking down the person who took the video, Izabele was in a further shock to learn it was a woman who was also a mom. The woman claimed she posted the video because she believed Izabele nursing her baby in front of other people was wrong and that her four year old son and other children saw it as inappropriate and ‘sexual’ and started asking questions.

Angry and frustrated, Izabele explained how she in fact noticed the woman and her son passing by her but she had no idea they were taking a video.

Instead of violating her privacy, the woman could easily stop and tell Izabele that she wasn’t comfortable with her feeding the little one in public.

“Not only did this woman walk past me multiple times with her son, you had every opportunity in the world to say something to me,” Izabele wrote. “If you have the time to take a video of me and make this joke of a Facebook post, you have the time to educate your son about the fact that babies are fed this way.”

Many social media users stood by Izabele’s side.

“Who does this woman think needs protection?” Kids? Simple explanation: ‘That woman is feeding her baby,’” one person commented.

It’s truly sad that the “issue” of whether or not it is appropriate or acceptable to breastfeed your baby in public sparks debate whenever it’s brought up.

We should all understand the simple fact that when the baby is hungry, it doesn’t know and doesn’t care whether the mom is outside or at home. They only want their food, and that’s it. I guess the real shame here are not the moms who choose to breastfeed their babies in public, but the fact that there aren’t enough accommodations for them to be able to do so.

Despite all this, there are still people out there who are outraged by the scene of a mother and her baby bonding through breastfeeding and ask them to cover themselves while doing so.

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Exceptional reaction from mom when she discovers breastfeeding video online
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