Donna gleams in a gold string biкini while sunbathing in Georgia

Donna gleams in a gold string biкini while sunbathing in Georgia

Donna D’Errico took to Instagram in a beautiful new photo, sporting a golden goddess look!

Donna D’Errico, the lovely Baywatch stunner, is string biкini royalty, and she knows it! On Tuesday, April 18, she took to her verified Instagram to share a jaw-dropping golden goddess look with her 1.7 million followers.

The brunette beauty was photographed relaxing on a luxurious white towel on the lawn in Georgia, taking in the pre-summer sunlight. She posed flawlessly while wearing nothing but a little dazzling gold string biкini.

“High of 81° here in Ga today,” she said alongside a blazing sun emoji in the post. “Here’s me laying out in my backyard for privacy, then posting it online.”

Her fans flocked to the comments section to rave over the gorgeous photo. “You wear that gold wonderfully!” commented one admirer, while another joked, “wonderfully… Thank you for posting…

You boosted the temperature where I am… and it’s already quite hot.” “You are an absolute goddess!! You brightened my day! Donna, have a wonderful day!! “So beautiful,” exclaimed a third. A fourth person exclaimed, “Golden FIRE!!!”

Donna has been open about how she keeps her unnaturally youthful appearance, even decades after the final episode of the original Baywatch aired. “It’s not completely natural,” she admitted to Extra once. “There are minor changes… Botox, filler, nips, and tucks are all part of the procedure.”

Despite her love of swimsսits, she acknowledged in 2022 that she can’t swim.

Her character on Baywatch almost demanded the expertise, and yet she was able to land — and keep — the role. “To this day, I still can’t swim,” she claimed, according to Fox News. “I’m afraid of water.”

I can’t even walk on water. There is one scene, and I believe it is the only one, in which my character is in the water doing a rescue. And I’m quite sure I almost drowned trying. I’m meant to be rescuing a boy, but you can see my lips saying the f-word while swimming in this pool. It’s one thing to have your fins, but quite another to not have them.

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Donna gleams in a gold string biкini while sunbathing in Georgia
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