The star of the Internet. How the baby born with gray hair looks now

Undoubtedly, all newborns are beautiful.

Their photos conquer all social networks, because it is impossible to take your eyes off the picture where the baby sleeps, from his nose, arms, legs…

And if a newborn is radically different from others, it’s just a sight to behold.

So, in Hungary, a boy weighing almost five kilograms was born, they called him Benz.

The baby was born absolutely healthy, but with some very unusual feature.

He was born with completely gray hair!

Doctors conducted a lot of examinations, but the cause of gray hair could not be established.

It wasn’t albinism, as was initially assumed.

Benz is the third child in the family, and the two older children do not have such a feature.

The next assumption of the doctors was that perhaps the mother got into a very stressful situation during pregnancy, and against this background the baby was born like this.

But no, the parent claims that the whole pregnancy was very calm.

There were absolutely no worries and stresses.

Scientists, in turn, suggest that blond hair in children is genetics.

And the cause of this case may be a lack of vitamin B12 or a mutation of hair cells.

Now Benz is a little celebrity in his hometown. He is called the “Charming Prince”.

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The star of the Internet. How the baby born with gray hair looks now
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