If you are a baggage handler, here’s why you never should tie anything to your suitcase

Have you ever tried attaching a vibrant ribbon to the handle of your suitcase to make it stand out? So fasten your seatbelts because we have some news that may lead you to reconsider your decorating plan!

Everyone wants their luggage to be noticeable, especially when they are attempting to find it in a sea of similar cases at a busy airport. Many of us decorate our suitcases with name tags, ribbons, and humorous stickers in an attempt to deter someone else from inadvertently taking our priceless possessions.

However, John, an airport baggage handler in Dublin, claims that these well-intended decorations may end up causing more problems than they solve.

Let’s start by admitting that our bags need personal touches. Nothing is worse than finding out that your suitcase is still at the airport, hiding among the other bags, when you finally get to your ideal destination. Some people even go so far as to attach a GoPro to their luggage in order to monitor its travels!

But take John’s advise into consideration before you start bedazzling your suitcase. Although attaching ribbons to your suitcase handles could make it easier to find your belongings, there is a chance that this could go wrong. What John said was as follows:

When a person ties a ribbon to identify their luggage, it may interfere with the bag’s scanning process in the baggage claim area. Your suitcase might not make it to the flight if it can’t be scanned automatically and has to be processed manually, the man said.

Consider this: the scanner may not have been able to correctly read your bag, which is beautifully ornamented with a ribbon, causing it to miss the flight entirely. Quite not worth the chance, is it?

John advises taking out any outdated stickers from your suitcase as well. These may cause confusion during the scanning procedure, which could cause delays or luggage misplacement. Although we understand how sentimental those travel stickers are, it might be time to part with them in order to make the trip run more smoothly.

John also gave me this helpful tip: turn the wheels of your suitcase faceup. By following this easy tip, you may shield the wheels from harm and make sure your suitcase doesn’t sway into problems.

The real deal, though, especially for people who enjoy baking or have a sweet appetite, is that you should never have marzipan in your luggage. Why? According to John, Marzipan—a confection composed of sugar, egg, and ground almonds—has a density similar to some explosives. You did really read correctly. This can result in a thorough check of you and your luggage, which could cause you to miss your flight entirely.

Imagine having your luggage examined and swabbed simply for the presence of a small amount of almond paste. Holidays missed because to Marzipan are simply not worth it!


The lesson here is that, even while it could seem sensible to tie a ribbon or add a personal touch to your suitcase, it’s usually best to forego doing so. The same is true when it comes to packaging rich foods like marzipan. If you follow these suggestions, your journey should go more smoothly and without incident.

Let those ribbons stay at home and have a happy journey!

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If you are a baggage handler, here’s why you never should tie anything to your suitcase
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