Grandma shares beautiful piece of advice

When we need it most, our grandparents are frequently a source of comfort and knowledge, providing direction. In this story, a grandma gives her granddaughter some straightforward advice during a trying time. Although the author of this essay is unknown, everyone can appreciate its insightful advice because it contains a universal truth.

The young lady asked for help from her granny. She was battling with her life and unsure of how she would survive. Her grandmother brought out a carrot, eggs, and coffee. She explained to the girl that these represented the three qualities she needed to thrive: strength, faith, and determination. The young woman could overcome any challenge with these three things.

She was led into the kitchen by her grandmother. She put three pots on a high fire, each full of water. The pots quickly came to a boil. She put carrots in the first, eggs in the second, and ground coffee grounds in the final. Without speaking a word, the grandmother just let them sit and boil.

The grandmother turned off the burners after a while. The woman removed the carrots from the kettle and placed them in a bowl. The woman pulled the eggs from the pot and put them in a bowl. The woman removed the ground coffee beans from the pot and placed them in a jar.

The grandma remarked, “Carrots are beneficial for your vision. Eggs are beneficial to your brain. Additionally, coffee is energizing.”

The grandma asked what the granddaughter had seen. Carrots, eggs, and coffee were used as the granddaughter’s response. She was taken nearer by the grandmother, who made her touch the carrots. They were soft to the touch, she discovered. After that, the grandmother made her crack an egg.

She found that the egg was hard-boiled after removing the shell. The grandmother then instructed her to taste the coffee. As she inhaled its powerful scent, the daughter smiled. The granddaughter asked as to its meaning next. The grandma stated that despite all of these items having encountered boiling water, they all responded differently.

Carrots, eggs, and coffee beans were all altered in distinct ways by the boiling water. The carrots entered tough, hard, and inflexible, but after being boiled, they weakened and softened. Despite the egg’s fragility, its thin shell protected its liquid interior. But after being in hot water, its interior hardened. The coffee beans were different. They changed the water after it had been boiled.

The grandmother asked whether her granddaughter was a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean. After giving it some thought, the granddaughter responded: ” Am I the strong-looking carrot who also experiences sorrow and adversity? Do I wilt, soften, or lose my strength?” Carrots are like humans who are initially powerful but weaken due to suffering and tragedy.”

“Am I like the malleable egg whose shape varies as it is heated? I once had a flexible spirit, but after experiencing a loss, a breakup, financial difficulty, or another experience, did I become stiff and hardened?” Eggs are similar to people who initially have a pliable heart before changing over time. After going through challenging situations, their spirit becomes stiff and hardened.”

“Does my exterior remain the same, but am I bitter and tough on the inside, with a stiff spirit and a hardened heart?”

The coffee bean improves the hot water. The bean improves and transforms the environment even when things are at their worst. The bean advances to a higher degree when the hours are the darkest and the challenges are the greatest.

When faced with a challenge, are you a carrot, an egg, or a coffee? This fable got me thinking about what I am when I’m pressured. Do you recognize what you are? Send your family and acquaintances this parable!

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