My MIL gave away my late mother’s necklace, so I kicked her out.

When someone gives us jewelry, it can hold a lot of meaning for us and remind us of that person. A woman was upset when she learned that her MIL had given away the jewelry that belonged to her late mother. She told her in-law to leave her house right away, but later she looked on the internet to see if she had been too harsh.

A woman wrote about her problem on the web.
My family knows me (30F) for being patient and kind. Being a good person makes me proud. I’ve always gone out of my way to help other people. My husband (32M) and I have a great relationship because we respect and understand each other.

A vintage necklace that has been in my family for generations was a gift from my late mother to me. It’s not only valuable, but also very important to me emotionally. I’ve always kept it safe and only worn it on special occasions because I love the memories it brings back.

Here comes my MIL (57F), who has a history of going too far. Even though we don’t get along, when she lost her apartment, my husband and I let her stay with us. All we asked in return was that she respect our things.

When I got home one day, my MIL was having a tea party with her friends. One of her friends was wearing my mom’s necklace, which made me very sad. When I asked her about it, my MIL said she gave it away because she thought it was “just old jewelry” and her friend liked it.

I was brokenhearted and felt completely lied to. My husband was shocked too, and he agreed with my choice to ask her to leave. Everyone else in the family now thinks I’m the bad guy and says I should forgive her because “family is family.”

I got the necklace back after telling the friend of my MIL what happened, but my MIL thinks I made her look really stupid.

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My MIL gave away my late mother’s necklace, so I kicked her out.
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