Bikers see an abandoned cage and what they find inside changes their lives forever

I become depressed anytime I consider anyone who would harm animals or even abandon them to perish.Thankfully, there are also heroes in the world.Additionally, I want to express my gratitude to Brett Winingar and his son Zach.

While exploring Little Rock, Arkansas’s back lanes on a motorcycle, Bret and Zach came across an ancient dog carrier.

They decided to take a closer look as their curiosity was awakened. There was a horribly undernourished dog inside.

The dog had eaten a hole in the carrier in what appeared to be an attempt to escape, and the container was coated in dog poop.

For a little while, the father and son went away from the dog.

…And came back in a car with dog food and water.

Bret and Zach decided to call her Charlie Bravo.

The dog started showing her appreciation for her rescuers before they even reached home.

Bret and Zach started by clipping Charlie Bravo’s claws. The dog found it difficult to walk since they had grown so long during her stay in the cage that they had curled inward.

It was time for a bath after that.

Then, they took Charlie to the vet.

She was estimated by the veterinarian to be eight months old. The veterinarian surmised that Charlie had spent a considerable amount of time in the carrier based on the injuries on her body.

The tale of Charlie Bravo went viral on Facebook very fast. And before long, generous people wanted to assist Bret and Zach cover Charlie’s veterinary bills with gifts.

Bret and his family established a new fund named “Charlie’s Angels” for rescued animals in addition to donating the remaining contributions to different animal charities.

Bret was unable to part with Charlie, even though at first he hadn’t considered keeping him. Bret and his family have adopted three more rescued dogs after taking in Charlie.

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Bikers see an abandoned cage and what they find inside changes their lives forever
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