Nicole Kidman, 56, sparks controversy in revealing backless dress – ‘not elegant at all’

Talented actress Nicole Kidman, 56, recently set the online sphere abuzz with her choice of attire at the Prime Video premiere of her series Expats.

The actress – who first shot to international stardom for her role in Days of Thunder – donned a sleek, figure-hugging black dress by Atelier Versace that featured a daring backless design, a high slit, and left ample skin on display on each side of her body.

Kidman accessorized the look with sparkling silver jewelry from Roberto Coin, complemented by rose-tinted makeup, and left her hair flowing loosely.

Amid the negative comments, there were those who applauded Kidman’s fashion choice. Admirers were amazed by the beauty of the gown, with one comment reading: “The gown is beautiful” and another highlighting that Kidman’s “beauty is only matched by the stupendous Versace dress.”

A positive compliment read: “This is the best I[‘ve] ever seen in a long time.”

Regardless of the online chatter, Kidman has long been regarded as a fashion icon in the entertainment industry. She attributes her love for fashion to the influence of her mother, Janelle, as well as her grandmother.

Reminiscing on her childhood, Kidman told People in November last year: “I grew up as a little girl with a grandmother that loved fashion and could sew and my mother the same…I watched them sew, embroider, and knit, crochet. And I think when you grow up seeing the people in your household do that, then you love that.”

Even in the present day, Kidman said she enjoys involving her mother in her dressing process for events. The devoted mother and wife has also often commented on her enduring affinity for fashion, noting to the Hollywood Reporter: “I’ve always been drawn to fashion, mainly classic lines with a twist; but edginess is something I don’t shy away from.”

Reflecting on her early days in the United States, Kidman considers herself to have been very fortunate in the fashion industry, especially because she was able to establish connections with designers who became her friends at a young age.

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Nicole Kidman, 56, sparks controversy in revealing backless dress – ‘not elegant at all’
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