Violinist’s school bully asks her to play at wedding — she has perfect response

She received a startling offer from her former bully, who had tortured her unrelentingly in middle school due to her love of music: to perform at her wedding. without charge!

Tiffany Moore exposed the outrageousness of the request in screenshots that she shared on social media. To discover out what occurred, continue reading!

The message from the previous bully started, “Hey girl!!! It seems like long ago. I would love for you to perform the violin during my October wedding ceremony. In addition to being the ideal present, you may utilize the images and videos to expand your performance portfolio. Win-win!

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Tiffany didn’t require assistance creating her portfolio, though, because her résumé highlights her significant knowledge with the violin, piano, ukulele, guitar, viola, cello, voice coaching, music theory, and songwriting. She even claimed to have received many recognitions from The Knot, an online marketplace that pairs engaged couples with regional wedding experts.

Tiffany answered right away and bluntly. “Hey there. 1. It’s quite audacious of you to think that I would provide you with a $2,500 service. 2. Because I was in [the] symphony in middle school, you tormented me nonstop. 3. Assemble my portfolio? The violinist from Chicago retorted, “You might not be aware that I’ve received recognition from The Knot and Wedding Wire for six consecutive years. My “portfolio” starts at twelve years old. I have 19 years of experience in the wedding industry.

The soon-to-be bride was not happy with Tiffany’s answer, calling her services “overpriced,” and requesting a special discount to “help a girl out.” “It’s not difficult music I want, but I really want violin music for my big day.” She said, “I want to be friends with you and move on from the past.

Tiffany turned down the offer, not buying into the unexpected change of heart. “Thanks, I already have buddies. She shot back, “I don’t have time to indulge your ignorance. “My services are classified as luxury offerings. Customers would rather invest in the entertainment on their wedding day from a seasoned professional who offers exceptional abilities, top-notch instruments and equipment, and familiarity with the smooth operation of weddings. That is the reason why people pick me, my love.

The bride persisted, surprisingly, asking, “So, are you available on October 3rd? Thursday is the day. I can give you $1,000, but that’s all I have to pay you, and it’s not too bad for less than an hour of play! PLUS, you’ll receive a lot of publicity because 300 individuals are on my guest list!

Tiffany makes reference to the well-known movie Mean Girls, which is about high school bullies. In the movie, Lindsay Lohan’s character asks her crush, Aaron Samuels, out on a date and she says, “It’s October 3rd.” To which Aaron Samuels responds, “WAIT! On Mean Girls Day, my old bully is getting married? This is excessive.

“I have to decline your $1,000 offer and refuse to work for ‘exposure,’” she went on. If you charge your 300 guests $5 for entertainment, you can hire me to play music for them. Even if you accept that the entertainment suggestion is a farce, the response is still undoubtedly negative. As Phoebe Buffay once said, “I wish I could, but I don’t want to.”

The bride’s voice became very serious. “What the heck, b**ch, who’s the mean chick now? Go whine about being too greedy and not being able to pay your expenses. She snapped, “Besides, you suck and you’re not even worth it.”

Tiffany responded in a cool, collected manner. “Aww, I’m so sad,” she remarked mockingly. “But I’m out of tissues, so I’ll have to use the gratuity I received this weekend from my clients to wipe my tears.”

Social media users swiftly took notice of the discussion and praised Tiffany for defending her own rights. Tiffany sent an update, stating that the bully had threatened to take legal action after viewing the screenshots on the internet. Tiffany added, though, that she was not concerned about any legal repercussions because she had not included the woman’s name in the posts.

Tiffany said on her Instagram stories, “It’s obvious that 7 million of you are concerned about the bullying situation.” “I appreciate your nice words and your support. When an individual confronts a bully, we all feel empowered. “As someone who was also bullied, this feels like a win for all of us,” remarked one person.

What were your thoughts on this absurd circumstance? What action would you have taken? Share your opinions with us!

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Violinist’s school bully asks her to play at wedding — she has perfect response
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