After A Teacher Corrected A Student’s Test, The Whole Town Wanted Her Fired

Chris Piland, a father, expressed his disappointment at a teacher’s disparaging comment about his second-grader’s project at Valley View Elementary in Pennsylvania following a sad episode. Concerns over the teacher’s methods for creating a supportive learning atmosphere were immediately aroused by the note, which stated, “absolutely pathetic.”

Piland used this remarks as justification to demand that the responsible instructor be fired, claiming that it was an outright insult to his child’s self-esteem and intelligence.

The remark was made in reaction to the child’s performance on a timed subtraction test, when he was only able to finish 13 questions in 3 minutes. This highlighted the teacher’s purported abuse of authority. This prompted more investigation into the behavior and methods of the teachers at the school.

The student’s work was highlighted with a red pen by the teacher, Alyssa Rupp Bohenek, who was well-known for her strict approach to criticism. She also wrote, “Absolutely pitiful, he answered 13 questions in 3 minutes!” to underline the student’s low performance. Sad,” she said, accompanied by a disgruntled grimace.

After Piland posted the offensive comment online, frustrations grew as other parents and internet users expressed outrage and support, demanding that Bohenek’s teaching techniques be immediately changed.

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After A Teacher Corrected A Student’s Test, The Whole Town Wanted Her Fired
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