Heartwarming: man comforts frightened 96-year-old

The “flight angel” seated next to the 96-year-old grandmother provided assistance when she confided in her dread of flying.

Passenger Megan Ashley, who was sitting across the aisle, saw the incident and posted a video to Facebook. While traveling on Southwest from San Diego (SAN) to Nashville (BNA), she saw a 96-year-old woman who hadn’t taken a flight in 15 years.

When the plane started to bump, the elderly woman asked to hold her seatmate’s hand until takeoff and gave him a strong hug. Throughout the journey and even after, the unnamed gentleman was kind and generous. Ashely explained his actions:

To be more precise, this gentleman willingly held her hand, let her to cling onto him, talked to her and calmed her down by explaining everything that was going on, all while being the stranger that was there for her. Throughout the whole flight, he knew exactly how to assist. He watched her cautiously make her way down the aisle while helping her rise up to use the restroom. As he consoled her, I couldn’t help but smile the entire journey. Her angel of flight was this man. He assisted her with getting off the plane, holding her suitcase, getting into the wheelchair, and staying with her until she found her daughter, who had become separated from her. She called her sister.What a lovely gesture. One day, I want to be able to provide assistance in a similar manner.

To prove that not all news is negative, I’ve started the day with two inspirational stories. There are several tales of flight attendants and passengers who exhibit kindness and affection for every drunken flight attendant or misbehaving customer. These touching stories are part of the reason my day is improving. Hopefully, so is your day!

Please tell others about this touching story if it touched you, and let’s all try to spread a little more kindness.

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Heartwarming: man comforts frightened 96-year-old
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