Rod Stewart makes sad announcement: “It’s with great sadness that I announce the loss of..”

Mourning is never easy, despite the fact that everyone’s experience of losing a loved one is different, there being one common mourning experience.

Grieving and adjusting to the loss of a close friend or loved one takes time; sometimes we never fully recover the identity they left behind.
Think about the well-known singer Rod Stewart, who revealed the death of his brother Bob a few months after his brother Don passed away.

On November 30, 2018, Rod Stewart posted the heartbreaking news on Instagram, noting that Bob had died the night before.
The singer of Young Turks went on to say that he hoped Bob and Don, who passed only a few months apart, were playing football together in the hereafter.
The legendary British rock and pop musician revealed that he has lost his two best friends as a result of the two deaths in a heartbreaking statement.

“I announce with great sadness that my brother Bob passed away last night and went to be with my brother Don on the great football pitch in the sky.”
In the last two months, I have lost two of my closest friends. RIP, “irreplaceable buddies,” Don and Bob, Sir Rod Stewart.

A similar post featuring a black background and an image of a crown was released by Rod following the death of his older brother Don in September 2022. Don was 94 when he passed away.
In January 2019, Rod attended a celebration to mark the 90th birthday of his sister Mary Cady. There, he honored her and the now-deceased Don, thanking them for their crucial support on his journey to success.

At the time, he said, “I have to tell you, these people were crucial in supporting me, helping me get into music, and just being there for me.”
Growing up, Rod had four siblings in all; however, with Bob’s death, only Mary remains. Stewart wrote a lengthy autobiography titled “Rod: The Autobiography.”
“These guys have just been [expletive] brilliant throughout my life,” the Scottish-born celebrity stated, speaking of his relationship with his sister and brothers.

Now seventy-eight years old, Rod Stewart is still touring and will soon be in Florida. Given how much he has always valued the help from his brothers, Rod is going to have a challenging year in 2023.

“I have to tell you, these people were really important in encouraging me to pursue music, supporting me, and being there for me,” he went on.
“I can’t say enough good things about these guys, whether it’s football or cleaning my soiled underwear.”

Rod has experienced health problems on several occasions. When thyroid cancer was discovered in 2000, it nearly destroyed the voice that made him a global celebrity.
It was an awful shock. Rod said, “I mean, I just went into total silence for a few days.”

Although he recovered from surgery, the cancer struggle had a lasting impact on his life. He had to relearn how to sing, for instance.

In his book, he subsequently stated, “There was no risk that I would lose my hair because no chemotherapy was required.”
“Let’s face it: losing my voice would be the biggest threat to my career survival if we were ranking threats to it.”

The renowned rock icon startled his followers once more in 2019 when he revealed that he has been secretly battling prostate cancer. During a routine exam in February 2016, Rod discovered he had the illness.

At a Prostate Project and European Tour Foundation fundraising event in Surrey, England, the singer made the decision to speak up.
“No one is aware of this, but I felt it was appropriate to inform everyone,” Stewart stated. “I’m safe now because I identified the problem early.” I have a ton of tests coming up.

Thankfully, the singer apparently got the all-clear in the same year.
Apart from disclosing his experience, he urged people to be examined for the fourth most prevalent type of cancer. Guys, you really need to visit the doctor. No harm done, finger up the prick.

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Rod Stewart makes sad announcement: “It’s with great sadness that I announce the loss of..”
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