Coach goes viral online for this one act during kids’ basketball game

Despite being among the most significant members in our community, teachers are also among the most underappreciated.

Someone who dedicates their life to mentoring the next generation, teaching others, and acting as a role model and advisor must be quite exceptional.

We frequently hear stories of educators going above and beyond to support their students and those in need.

One such hero is Jonathan Oliver, a physical education teacher at Valdosta, Georgia’s WG Nunn Elementary School. Oliver received recognition for his thoughtful gesture for a kindergarten student during a basketball game.

He was only too pleased to assist a student who had approached him for guidance.

Oliver’s coach acted quickly when Kristen Paulk, a kindergartener on his basketball team, asked him to assist in pulling her hair back into a ponytail.

Oliver seemed focused as he struggled to tie Kristen’s tresses back away from her face, bending down to her level on a basketball. But he had no idea that he was being videotaped.

Actually, the coach’s kind action was captured on camera by elementary school teacher Kandice Anderson, who later uploaded it to YouTube and garnered a lot of positive feedback from viewers.

The popular video’s caption said, “When your job goes beyond teaching!”

After a while, the video appeared on Good Morning America, which reached out to the 34-year-old father of three to set up an interview.

Oliver said on Good Morning America, “It was shocking to me that it got that much attention because we all do it.” He also said he was unaware that he was being filmed.

He continued, “We [teachers] want them to feel like they’re at home and that they enjoy being here.” We do our best to lavish them with love. It was simply a ponytail to me.

The sympathetic coach informed the newspaper that although he frequently assists with his daughter’s hairstyles, he regrettably is limited to helping Kristen with putting a ponytail in her hair during a basketball game.

It was fortunate that she requested a ponytail. He laughed, “If there’s anything else, I’d say, ‘You better ask your mom.’”

Miyah Cleckley, Kristen’s mother, told the publication that the video had a profound emotional impact on her and said, “I always know that Kristen is in very good hands with him.” The fact that her father frequently does their hair made me think it was quite adorable. With five daughters and one son, he must take up the responsibility of doing their hair while I’m at work.

There are numerous tales of educators going above and beyond for their pupils, this one being just one of them. They really are heroes!

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Coach goes viral online for this one act during kids’ basketball game
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