Prince Harry and Meghan Markle break silence on Kate Middleton after photo disaster

Following the revelation that the Mother’s Day photo of Kate Middleton with her kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, was staged, the actress finds herself in a difficult situation. Experts defend Kate but many now demand that Kensington Palace provide the truth regarding her well-being. Harry and Meghan have finally broken their silence on Kate, but no formal statement from the royal family has been made.

Since leaving the royal family in 2019, Harry and Meghan’s relationship with them has not been the best, as is widely known. In addition, it was reported that Kate and Meghan had arguments on multiple occasions, including the day of the Duchess’ wedding, and that their chilly friendship persisted thereafter.

Harry and Meghan were among the first to convey their best wishes after learning about Kate’s scheduled abdominal surgery through Kensington Palace. As a result of the photo mishap from last week, which has given rise to numerous conspiracy theories, analysts have started examining images of Harry and Meghan, especially the 2021 US pregnancy shot.

It was also reported that a representative for the Sussexes had commented on Kate and stated that Meghan would never act in such a way. However, the claim now seems untrue, and Meghan has answered in writing.


On the Prince and Princess of Wales’ official Instagram, Kate Middleton shared a photo of herself with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Louis in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Viewers were ecstatic to see Kate succeeding. But as soon as it became apparent that there were numerous problems with the image, the public’s perception of it quickly changed.

Kate Middleton altered the Mother’s Day photo

After social media users started examining the image, it became clear that there were serious problems with it. A few details, like Princess Charlotte’s clothing and Kate Middleton’s right hand—which also happened to miss a wedding ring—seemed to have been altered.

News organizations such as Getty and the Associated Press sent out “kill notices,” which are advising notices to take down or not use a certain photo.

According to the Associated Press notification, “it appears that the source has manipulated the image.”

The Associated Press made a statement as well, stating that it was they who first published the photo, which was provided from Kensington Palace. After further examination, it seems that the source altered the shot in a way that did not comply with the AP’s photo standards, so the AP later withdrew the image. The left hand of Princess Charlotte is not aligned consistently in the picture.

Kate Middleton
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The conspiracy theories surrounding Kate Middleton are growing larger by the minute. But as Kensington Palace won’t comment on the Princess of Wales’ situation, it’s unsurprising that more theories are appearing.

Royal expert says Kate Middleton has been “thrown under the bus”

While many have called for Kate to speak out, fans and royal experts also suggest that this isn’t Kate’s fault.

Speaking with Palace Confidential , royal expert and author Richard Eden says that the palace has behaved “disgracefully” after letting Kate take the blame by the public, having to issue an apology on her own.

“I’m just so sad and sort of frustrated about the whole thing because I feel so sorry for Catherine,” Eden said. “Essentially, she’s been under so much pressure from people saying ‘We want a photo, we want to know how she is, tell us how she is.’ And she finally issues this photograph, it’s taken by Prince William.. They make that clear when they issue the photograph.”

The royal expert continued, saying that the Princess of Wales has been “thrown under a bus” by Kensington Palace.

“The officials made it public. They gave it out, it’s their job. I think it’s absolutely disgraceful that they’ve said to her ‘you go and explain what you did’. No, it’s your job. Take some responsibility,” Eden added.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if heads do roll over this, if not now… then eventually. Heads could roll, heads have rolled for lesser offences I’ve seen over the years.”

As mentioned, several news agencies pulled the picture of Kate and her children from their archives.

Meanwhile, CNN announced Monday that all photos previously issued by Kensington Palace are being placed under review.

“In editorial photography, photojournalists and editors commonly adjust a photograph’s exposure or color balance in order to more accurately reflect the scene. Most news organizations, including CNN, regard it as unacceptable to move, change or manipulate the pixels of an image. To do so would alter the reality of the situation the image is intended to document,” CNN announced.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle dragged into Kate picture blunder

The manipulated picture has put the palace in a very tough spot, as more and more photos are being reviewed by news outlets such as CNN and photography experts and fans on social media.

However, the Princess of Wales is not the only one being reviewed. As soon as it was confirmed that the picture had been edited, fans began looking at pictures of two other former royals: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

On Tuesday, the Daily Mail and The Sun published stories that claimed photographer Misan Harriman, a close friend of Harry and Meghan, had altered the portrait he took when the Susdexes announced Meghan’s pregnancy in 2021. The photo, published in black-and-white, shows Harry and a pregnant Meghan Markle lying in the grass near a tree.

The stories quickly spread on social media, and Misan Harriman felt the need to hit back at the allegations.

On social media, Harriman shared the original colorized shot of the Sussexes, saying he expected a “full apology and retraction” from the Daily Mail and the Telegraph.

Both royal enthusiasts and scholars have chastised Kate Middleton. The lack of information on Kate’s whereabouts and health is concerning many, and it is puzzling that Kensington Palace has not released a fresh image.

Harry, Meghan Markle
The number of conspiracy theories around Kate Middleton is increasing minute by minute. It is understandable, though, that new speculations are emerging given Kensington Palace’s refusal to comment on the Princess of Wales’ circumstances.Kate Middleton has been “thrown under the bus,” according to a royal analyst.

Although many have urged Kate to speak up, supporters and royal experts contend that Kate is not to blame for this.

Richard Eden, a royal analyst and novelist, argues in an interview with Palace Confidential that the palace acted “disgracefully” by allowing Kate to take the fall for the public and force her to apologize on her own.

Eden expressed her sadness and frustration about the situation, saying, “I just feel so sorry for Catherine.” In essence, she has been subjected to a great deal of pressure from individuals who say things like, “We want a picture, tell us how she is, we want to know how she is.” And at last, she releases this picture, which Prince William took. When they release the photo, they make that very evident.

The royal specialist went on to claim that Kensington Palace had “thrown the Princess of Wales under a bus.”

Officials released it to the public. That’s their job; they distributed it. That they told her to go and explain what she did, in my opinion, is very shameful. No, that’s your responsibility. Assume some accountability,” Eden continued.

If not now, then eventually, it wouldn’t surprise me if heads do roll over this. Heads might roll—in the past, I’ve saw heads roll for really minor transgressions.”

Harry, Kate Middleton

As previously stated, the photo of Kate and her kids was removed from the archives of multiple news organizations.

CNN, however, said on Monday that all previously released images from Kensington Palace are being examined.

In editorial photography, editors and photojournalists frequently make adjustments to a picture’s exposure or color balance to better capture the situation. Moving, altering, or otherwise tampering with an image’s pixels is considered inappropriate by the majority of news companies, including CNN. CNN declared, “To do so would change the reality of the situation the image is intended to document.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were drawn into Kate’s photo error

The altered image has placed the palace in a difficult situation because an increasing number of images are being examined by news organizations like CNN as well as photography enthusiasts and specialists on social media.


The Princess of Wales isn’t the only one being examined, though. Following the confirmation that the photo had been altered, enthusiasts started examining images of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, two other previous royals.

Photographer Misan Harriman, a close friend of Harry and Meghan, was alleged to have altered the portrait he took when the Susdexes revealed Meghan’s pregnancy in 2021 in stories that appeared in the Daily Mail and The Sun on Tuesday. Published in black and white, the image features Harry and a pregnant Meghan Markle curled up next to a tree in the lawn.

Social media users were quick to share the accounts, and Misan Harriman felt compelled to refute the accusations.

Harriman posted the original colorized photo of the Sussexes on social media and stated that he was expecting the Daily Mail and the Telegraph to provide a “full apology and retraction.”

Jennie Bond, a royal specialist, claims that Kate has suffered as a result of the controversy around the photo. Bond claims in an interview with GB News that Kate is “under intense pressure” and that “bullying” is a possibility.

Kate looks to be seated next to William in a car as it leaves Windsor, according to a photo published by the Daily Mail on Monday. She was reportedly heading to an appointment that was “private.” However, Bond says that after everything that has occurred, people will now criticize Kate anytime she is seen in public.

“There is now twice as much pressure as before. She appears to be in a vulnerable physical and mental state. Jennie Bond said to GB News, “We ought to fire her.

“I do believe we run the risk of harassing a woman who is recuperating from a really major surgery. I wonder what she must be thinking about this morning. utterly miserable. This argument, in my opinion, definitely ruined her Mother’s Day.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle break silence on Kate Middleton after photo disaster
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