If you encounter someone with this tattoo on their hand, you should know what it symbolizes.

Tattoos and body marks can symbolize a wide variety of things to various people. What is honored in one region of the world may be considered improper elsewhere; a sigil or artwork with important meaning in one location may appear as random squiggles in another. I believe it is safe to say that humans have been expressing themselves and spreading messages through their appearances for about as long as we have been as a species.

Unless you live on an isolated island, you’ll be used to seeing people with tattoos. Some designs may be petty regrets from youth, while others may hold significant meaning, such as telling stories or adhering to conventions or traditions.I’m not sure about you, but I find it extremely interesting when I see the same tattoo on several different persons.

That is, I am immediately fascinated as to what the tattoo in question symbolizes and why the person in question felt it was so vital to wear it as a visible reminder for the rest of their lives. One that I’ve seen numerous times over the years – and, until now, never cared to investigate – is the so-called’red string of fate’.

Some of our readers will undoubtedly recognize the small, red tattoo, but many of those who have seen it before are unlikely to understand its symbolic meaning. As I mentioned, I’d seen the tattoo on a few people. Enough, undoubtedly, to detect a trend. This mark had to mean something, but I had no idea what.

So I did some research – thanks to the internet – and discovered that the red thread tattoo in question is recognized in Asian cultures as the’red string of fate’. The tattoo, which is most typically found on men’s thumbs and women’s pinky fingers, resembles a simple bow with tails, similar to a tied shoelace.This little tattoo has a symbolic significance, which is based on passion and hope.

The story is said to be based on a Chinese folktale about a matchmaker who knows who each of us is fated to be with.Of course, the idea of being destined or fated to meet someone else isn’t limited to romantic efforts, and the concept of being connected to someone else via an unseen bond isn’t limited to a single culture, but is found in almost every one.

The red string of fate indicates that two individuals are destined to be lovers, regardless of location, time, or circumstances. For some, that is a pleasant and reassuring thought. Others, however, would undoubtedly like to be completely in control of their own destiny.

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If you encounter someone with this tattoo on their hand, you should know what it symbolizes.
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