Mom who struggled with infertility shares her roller coaster story

At some point in their life, about one in five couples will have trouble getting pregnant.

Many people find that this is a very trying and stressful time, yet as others can attest, perseverance and patience might be rewarded.

After years of patient waiting, Desiree and Ryan Fortin finally turned to in-vitro fertilization. They beseeched God for assistance in becoming pregnant.

The news that Desiree was pregnant eventually reached them shortly after the IVF procedure. However, the pair was never prepared for what was within her tummy.

The happy married couple, Desiree and Ryan Fortin, who fell in love in college, had one issue that didn’t exactly work: they had trouble getting pregnant for a long time.

Due to her polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypothyroidism, and low progesterone, Desiree and her husband attempted infertility for three arduous and painful years before deciding to use in vitro fertilization.

But Desiree kept getting her period instead of receiving positive pregnancy test results. It was an emotionally taxing task.

She stated, “It wasn’t just that I couldn’t get pregnant,” about those trying times.



“I never believed I could cry as much as I did when I was infertile. Time and time again, after innumerable negative pregnancy tests, I lay on my bathroom floor in total emptiness. I had to take shots, get bruises, and take a variety of medications because that’s what you get when you seek aid for infertility through fertility treatment. It is costly and psychologically, emotionally, and physically draining.

You can therefore appreciate Desiree and Ryan’s excitement when they were eventually informed that their first IVF treatment had been successful.

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And they were shocked to see that three babies were growing when they saw the ultrasound! Talk about success: it turned out that the couple was expecting triplets!

For Desiree and her family, however, the struggle was far from done.

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Doctors told her that even though she had finally been pregnant, she wouldn’t be able to bring all three triplets to term.


She remembers hearing, “I was too short, too thin, and it was my first pregnancy.” “But my hope wounds showed her to be wrong.”

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In the summer of 2015, the Fortin triplets were born. At 34 weeks and 1 day, the desire was delivered via cesarean section.

The couple was ecstatic to welcome Sawyer, Jack, and Charlize into the world—all of whom weighed more than five pounds.

“I will always remember the day I was born. There were unanticipated turns, as there are in everything related to parenting. Ryan went to the neonatal intensive care unit with the triplets after they were born, and I was transported to recovery,” Desiree said to Today.

Desiree couldn’t immediately see her darling children because of problems and bleeding that necessitated emergency surgery.

However, Ryan gave her a FaceTime call so the new mother could witness her small miracles. All three of the babies were allowed to return home and begin their lives after spending two weeks in the NICU.

For Ryan and Desiree, having three babies and settling down at home was a big gift.

“Although we are fortunate, raising children is a challenging profession with the biggest of duties. Our infants suffer from colic and severe reflux all three at once. It’s challenging to establish and stick to a regimen while dealing with crying infants, restless nights, and a new schedule, according to Desiree.

The triplets are seven years old now, and everything in the family appears to be doing well.

Desiree has 150K followers on Instagram, where you can follow their activities and way of life.

I had no idea that God would use our story to impact so many lives. “It’s been an amazing experience,” she remarks.

She also disclosed there that she and Ryan are expecting a child together! This lovely family will shortly be six!

I truly believe that by sharing your life story and experiences, Desiree, it may be able to assist other struggling couples who are facing infertility. Thank you!

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Mom who struggled with infertility shares her roller coaster story
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