You can avoid using chemical fertilizers by using a miracle fertilizer.

A farmer plants a banana and an egg in the tomato planting hole he dug. Although the method may appear unusual at first, the outcome is remarkable. Several days after planting, the first effects are already visible. Many people use this method.

The video of the man digging a hole and dropping an egg and a banana inside has gone viral online, making its way across the world. There were almost 1.2 million views of the video.

You can observe a man fertilizing veggies using a unique technique in the photos. He makes a hole in the ground and fills it with a raw egg and a banana still in its shell. On top of them, plant the tomato seedlings, then cover them with soil.

The egg and banana will eventually break down and give the alleged “magic nutrients,” which are crucial for vegetable seeds. The guy abandoned artificial fertilizers that are bad for the land, veggies, and our health in favor of a very effective natural fertilizer that just required only two ingredients.

We are all aware that when the ecology and ozone layer deteriorate, fruits and vegetables become harder and harder to grow, and both their flavor and appearance suffer. People use a lot of fertilizers because of this.

The issue is that these fertilizers are often artificial and not natural, which is problematic. The soil, vegetables, and fruits get “poisoned” as a result of using too many chemical fertilizers, which presents a serious risk to consumers.

Although using these chemicals speeds up plant growth and improves the appearance of fruits and vegetables, it has a negative impact on the food’s flavor and will surely damage crops over time. When fertilizers weaken plants, they become more susceptible to disease and have less pest resistance, which makes growth and development more difficult and in some cases impossible.

Due of the wide variety of natural fertilizers available, it is advised to apply them as often as possible. Natural fertilizers, including ash, dung, and vegetable waste, may also be inexpensive, as shown by the thorough example regarding the egg and banana above.

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You can avoid using chemical fertilizers by using a miracle fertilizer.
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