Queen Camilla ‘outraged’ after Prince Harry’s visit to see his father for “loving son PR stunt”, claims source

According to shocking rumors, Prince Harry’s choice to fly home across the Atlantic without first obtaining palace consent after learning of his father’s cancer diagnosis infuriated Queen Camilla.Regarding the contentious relationship between Camilla and her stepson, RadarOnline, quoting the National Enquirer, made some wild accusations today. Among other things, the former claimed that the meeting between Harry and Charles was limited to only thirty minutes.

After learning of Charles’s cancer prognosis, apparently from Charles himself, Harry took a plane back to the UK, but contrary to expectations, his return did not appear to pave the way for any more peace negotiations.

Instead, Harry’s real encounter with his father was apparently short, with the King flying to the royal retreat of Sandringham. Rumor has it that Harry was not allowed to follow.

It is unknown exactly what the father and son discussed, and it is unlikely to be made public in the future. Information on Charles’ cancer has also been withheld from the public; while we are aware that the King is undergoing treatment, not many people are aware of the specific type of cancer he has or its stage.

Regardless, not every member of the royal family was thrilled with Harry’s recent visit to the UK.There have been many rumors that Prince William didn’t want to visit his younger brother, and a report from RadarOnline today suggests that Queen Camilla was furious with her stepson.

Her Majesty was incensed.According to a source who spoke to the National Enquirer, Harry arrived with an attitude and flew in from his opulent California residence without the palace’s authority.

According to the same report, Harry told Camilla to leave the room before speaking with his father; it goes without saying that Camilla did not take this well.

“Camilla was incensed,” the insider continued. “She’s been holding a lot of grudges against Harry for years and was eager to give it to him.”

Harry and Camilla had reportedly been at odds for years because of Harry’s opinion that she was to blame for Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage disintegrating.

The insider went on, “Camilla has taken it all in stride, but painting her husband’s cancer as a ‘loving son’ PR stunt was the final straw.”

“I hear she told Harry he’s a disgrace to his father, the family, and the monarchy— and she left no doubt he isn’t wanted back!” is what I’ve heard happened after the father-son reunion.

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Queen Camilla ‘outraged’ after Prince Harry’s visit to see his father for “loving son PR stunt”, claims source
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