The Star’s New Hairstyle Was Heavily Critisized Online: Reba McEntire’s Recent Shots Sparked Lots Of Comments!

Recently, Reba McEntire has become the topic of much discussion on social media due to a significant change in her hairstyle. Known for her iconic red curls and dynamic presence, McEntire surprised her followers by opting for a straight hair look, sparking widespread debate among her fans.



The revelation came through a lighthearted Instagram clip where McEntire playfully explored the dressing room of “The Voice” judges, the musical duo Dan + Shay, during the 25th season of the show. Although meant to highlight McEntire’s sense of humor, the focus shifted to her hair transformation.


Responses to her new hairstyle were swift and varied, with some fans expressing disappointment, noting, “The new hair doesn’t suit you, makes you look older,” and “Really not feeling the hair. It’s too pressed down, almost like a cap.” Some fans even pleaded, “Please return to your classic, voluminous look. It’s much more flattering.”

Even those who professed their admiration for McEntire couldn’t help but critique the change, stating, “Adore you, but that sleek hair needs to go,” and “You’re gorgeous, but that haircut isn’t for you.” This isn’t McEntire’s first foray into hair experimentation.

Previously, in a TikTok video from September last year, she sported the same straight hairstyle while celebrating a milestone for her song “Fancy” on Spotify.


In 2020, she also shared an image with a drastically short, slicked-back style. McEntire’s signature look has always been her lively, curly hair, which mirrors her exuberant personality. Her recent experiments, however, show a willingness to embrace change and explore different facets of her appearance.

In a 2015 interview, McEntire reminisced about her iconic hairstyles, joking about her difficulty in achieving the same height and volume she once had. She fondly recalled the encouragement from her friend Shane Tarleton to flaunt her “big hair” and reminisced about using wigs for certain roles and performances.

McEntire also expressed pride in her red hair, a trait she shares with her mother. Despite the mixed feedback on her latest hairstyle, McEntire’s exploration of different looks highlights her adaptability and boldness in self-styling.

While some fans might yearn for the familiar curls of “classic Reba,” McEntire’s experiments with her appearance emphasize her evolving and multifaceted personality.

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The Star’s New Hairstyle Was Heavily Critisized Online: Reba McEntire’s Recent Shots Sparked Lots Of Comments!
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