My neighbor requested that I care for her 6 children – I called children services a couple of hours after she left

After the mother of six left Child Services at her door and promised to return on Sunday, a lady took to Reddit to ask if she had done the wrong thing by calling the agency.

The mother of the children, according to OP, was very good at persuading the neighbors to watch their children for her. Despite her refusal to watch someone else’s children, the mother had been duped into watching the children in the past.

She knocked on my door again yesterday. I then feigned not to be at home. She kept knocking more forcefully, and I was afraid she would take the letterbox off. I then went to respond. She swiftly said that she will return on Sunday and said a few things that I didn’t fully grasp,” OP wrote in her article. Her six children range in age from six months to seven years. She told me the black cab was waiting for her when I told her I couldn’t. She fled and got into the taxi after I attempted to hold her hand and told her I couldn’t stop her.

Pexels OP unexpectedly found herself alone in her house with the kids she had invited over. She texted the mother, unsure of what to do, telling her that she would have to call Children’s Services if the mother didn’t return in the next forty minutes to pick up her kids. OP attempted to phone her after she failed to respond to the text message and left the same message. The mother countered that she couldn’t possibly return in such a short length of time because she was already out of town.

She added that Jenifer, the other neighbor, who was 68 years old and in poor health, could take care of them if OP was unable to.

“I reiterated that she may pick them up at the local council if they determined she was a suitable mother if she wasn’t here in ten. After using some foul language, she warned me that I would never. I followed through since it felt like she was teasing me at the time. I texted her to let her know everything was finished after calling Child Services. When I called her back, she said she was halfway to Blackpool and that if it was true, she would kill me. When Child Services picked them up, I texted her a video. The police were also present, according to OP, and they inquired extensively about the mother. They stated they frequently accompany rescue missions to pick up abandoned children in the event of illegal activity.

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OP was certain that she had taken the correct course of action, but her husband—who had spent a childhood in foster care—was furious with her for what she had done. He charged her with severing the mother from her children and claiming that she notified Child Services before giving the mother enough time to come pick up her children.

He argued that instead of taking the kids in the first place, she ought to have followed their mother’s instructions and left them at Jennifer’s or in the taxi.


“My husband left for work without speaking to me, and I haven’t slept very much,” the OP wrote. “He told me that anything that happens to those children in care is on my head and then he told me of things he himself experienced and what he knew others in care had experienced.” I wonder if I should go back to Child Services and explain that it was a misunderstanding or that I overreacted, and then figure out how to find a way to make the kids feel better and get them out of there. She concluded her narrative by saying, “I had no idea foster care was that bad.”

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My neighbor requested that I care for her 6 children – I called children services a couple of hours after she left
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