Mother Gave Her Daughter Up For Adoption Without The Kid’s Dad Permission: The Man Fought And Won His Daughter Back!

Christopher Emanuel’s emotional journey unfolded when his daughter, Skylar, was unexpectedly placed for adoption without his knowledge.


This heart-wrenching situation led him to embark on a determined legal battle to reclaim custody of his beloved child.

In 2014, Christopher, a South Carolina resident, discovered Skylar’s adoption through a Responsible Fatherhood Registry.

Despite his efforts to assert his parental rights by registering, the adoptive parents filed for custody just 15 days later, excluding Christopher from the legal proceedings.

Skylar, now living in San Diego, had her name changed, and Christopher found himself fighting against both time and legal intricacies to rectify the situation. Despite medical documentation proving Skylar was never legally adopted, Christopher faced an uphill battle.

The emotional strain on Christopher was immense, especially as Skylar’s adoptive parents were led to believe he was no longer part of her life.

This misconception fueled Christopher’s determination to prove that no one could provide the love and care Skylar deserved more than her biological father.




In a surprising twist of fate, the court recognized Christopher’s rights as Skylar’s father, granting him sole custody after a challenging legal process.

The reunion was a poignant moment, as Christopher held Skylar in his arms, feeling a sense of completeness and joy.

Christopher didn’t stop at reuniting with his daughter; he established the “Sky Is The Limit” Foundation in 2015.

This foundation serves a dual purpose — educating fathers about their parental rights and combating predatory adoption practices that strip children of their familial bonds, identity, and cultural heritage.

Through the foundation, Christopher aims to empower responsible fathers, providing parenting classes, resources, and mentorship to those facing custody crises.

“Daddy dollars” are part of the initiative, supporting fathers in need.

Skylar’s story is not just one of personal triumph but has ignited a mission to protect parental rights and prevent adoption trafficking.

Christopher Emanuel has become an advocate, ensuring that no responsible father faces the anguish of losing their child to an unjust adoption.

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Mother Gave Her Daughter Up For Adoption Without The Kid’s Dad Permission: The Man Fought And Won His Daughter Back!
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