They Found An Abandoned $10.5M Mansion — What They Found Inside Is Astonishing

Two urban explorers reported finding a 30,000 square foot estate that had been abandoned but was still full of high-end furnishings.

Jeremy Abbott and BigBankz explored the allegedly haunted 10-bedroom, 11-bathroom home on camera.

“The man who built this mansion was very accomplished, graduating from one of the nation’s finest medical schools. He became a surgeon, a father-of-four, and even a recreational pilot,” explained Abbott, who goes by JeremyXplores.


For reasons of discretion, he did not share any details about the megamansion’s location or the family’s identities.

The individual, he said, reportedly ran medical facilities nearby and splurged on a $10.5 million paradise for his family in 2006.

However, the father and one of his sons apparently perished in an aircraft crash while the house was still being built.

His wife and three surviving children were left destitute since he apparently had not paid his life insurance premium before his death.

It is claimed by the YouTubers that the family still owing $8 million on the mansion and was making payments of $50,000 a month, therefore the surviving members of the family were evicted.


According to BigBankz, “a foreigner” owned the home until 2015, when he allegedly moved back to his place of origin and ceased paying property taxes.

Abbott claimed that expensive items were left behind at the mansion, which features a mahogany library, an elevator, a mahogany bar, an indoor pool, an outdoor sports complex, a four-car garage, and an indoor pool.

A Land Rover, a Mercedes-Benz, and a Volkswagen Beetle were all found.

“At least 12-foot” Christmas tree with few decorations stands in the living room, and there are empty water bottles in the fridge. A homeless person, the explorers reasoned, “escaped out the window” when they arrived.

“The strangest things I found inside weren’t the luxury cars, the lush furniture, or even the flat-screen TVs,” Abbott said. “What I found so strange to be inside were the small items, like the designer clothes with the tags still on, or the Dior shoes in the closet, or perhaps the jewelry and mounds of expensive makeup in the bathroom.”


Abbott continued: “It makes no sense to me why these things were left behind, as they could have easily been packed up and transported out of the home whenever the family left.”

Abbott claimed that he found the estate by accident while looking for reports of abandoned homes in the region online.

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Abbott said his expedition quickly shifted from excitement to sadness and “reverence for the family who had lived there and watched their dreams come crashing down along with the plane that killed their father and his son.”

The 11-hour exploration made for a memorable experience and even better content.

“The insurmountable waste that people produce, and the amount of resources that are abandoned every day is mind-boggling. This house is an excellent example of this,” Abbott concluded.

“People generally have the same reaction as I did when I first discovered this mega-mansion — they respond in absolute amazement and at the same time, sadness for the family and the home that has begun to be consumed by nature.”

Take a look at the extensive video below:

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They Found An Abandoned $10.5M Mansion — What They Found Inside Is Astonishing
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