‘Spike Traps’ Targeting Off-Road Trails Puts Drivers And Riders At Risk

Off-road enthusiasts are on high alert following the discovery of dangerous steel “spike traps” on a popular dirt track in the Sunshine Coast region. These traps pose a serious threat to drivers and riders, potentially leading to severe injuries or even fatalities.

The traps, composed of three welded steel bars each, were strategically scattered along a dirt trail in Glass House Mountains. Troy Lovell, a passionate four-wheel drive enthusiast who stumbled upon them, expressed shock at the apparent intention to inflict maximum damage on vehicles. He narrowly avoided the spikes after his own four-wheel drive bottomed out, preventing a potentially catastrophic outcome.

Had his vehicle struck the spikes, tires could have been punctured, and a rollover might have occurred. The off-road community, outraged by this reckless act, fears for the safety of fellow enthusiasts and riders who may unknowingly encounter these traps.

Although the Queensland Police had not yet received any official reports regarding the traps, a spokesperson emphasized that those responsible for any damage to vehicles or injuries could face charges. The placement of these traps seems geared towards obstructing the use of the trails by four-wheel drives and bikes.

Mr. Lovell conveyed the community’s anger, urging those dissatisfied with off-road vehicles in the area to address the issue through proper channels. He stressed the potential harm caused by these traps, particularly to dirt bike riders who might sustain serious injuries to their backs or necks.

He called for a more responsible approach, suggesting that concerns be raised with local authorities or councils rather than resorting to dangerous methods. Mr. Lovell highlighted the risks involved, particularly for families with children in vehicles that could suffer significant damage in the event of a rollover.

Police have issued a plea for anyone encountering similar traps to immediately report their findings. As the off-road community grapples with this unsettling discovery, it underscores the importance of open communication and peaceful resolution when addressing concerns within the community. The safety of all trail users should remain paramount, and reckless actions like the placement of spike traps endanger lives and overshadow legitimate grievances.

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‘Spike Traps’ Targeting Off-Road Trails Puts Drivers And Riders At Risk
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