I Came Home and Found My Humiliated Wife Crying behind a Closed Door

With the door locked, a man heard his wife sobbing in their bedroom. Tell her what happened, he asked her as she opened the door. He stormed into the kitchen and lost it on his 16-year-old nieces when she revealed to him what had made her weep.

A man begged his wife to tell him what was wrong when he heard her sobbing. When the doctors determined that his wife had cancer, she had been receiving chemotherapy. She lost her gorgeous hair due to the negative effects of the medication.

Because she was self-conscious about her bald head, she donned a wig to make her feel more at ease. She woke up one day and realized she didn’t have her wig.

The man described what happened in the Reddit “AITA” thread, but he opted to remain anonymous. He wished to find out from other users whether or not he was to blame for this.

His wife was receiving chemotherapy for cancer, which caused her to lose hair. She was not comfortable going out in public with a bald head, like most ladies are.


She made the decision to get a wig that resembled her real hair because she was aware that her hair would not grow back very soon. Her spouse pushed her to wear it and endorsed the notion.

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However, the man’s sister was experiencing a trying time in her life. It was after her divorce that she was homeless. She asked her brother if she and her twin girls could move in with him.


“What took place? Why are you in tears? He took her by the arms and asked.

The man let his sister and nieces move in with him as he had no good reason to say no. He had no idea what was ahead in the next few days.

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The man’s nieces were fascinated to his wife’s wig once they moved in. They questioned her about why she wore it and insisted on touching and wearing it. In addition, the girls asked the woman whether they might adjust it and observe the outcome. The woman insisted on keeping her wig on because she felt uncomfortable going without it in front of them.

A few days later, the man heard his wife crying in their bedroom when he got home from work. The door would not open even after he pushed it and turned the iron doorknob.

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She got out of bed and opened the door after he called her name several times. “What took place? “Why are you crying?” he questioned, embracing her tightly.

Pointing to the door, the woman exclaimed, “They took away my wig!”

After probing more, he learned that his wife’s wig had been snatched by his nieces, who had no intention of giving it back until she left her room without wearing it. They took out their phone to record a video of her when she requested them to return it.

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She ran to her bedroom and shut herself in as soon as she noticed their phones. She refused to open the door even though they kept knocking.

The man had heard this story and was incensed. He stormed out of the bedroom and into the kitchen to face the girls. The females were initially perplexed, but later on, they gave him the wig. He reprimanded them, accusing them of degrading his wife by concealing the wig from her.

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The man’s sister intervened and suggested that his wife was exaggerating, but the girls said it was a joke and the woman didn’t have to feel ashamed. However, the man clarified that the girls were to blame as they had recorded his wife, who was already uneasy without a wig. His sister was unreceptive to his arguments and accused him of exaggerating.

The father lost his temper since it didn’t appear like the girls or their mother were willing to admit that they had done anything wrong. He lost it with his sister and demanded that she leave his home right away.

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“They started crying and pleading with me to let it go when I told them about the eviction later because they thought I wasn’t serious,” the man said.

When his sister contacted their father to ask him to make a good impression for her, he declined to let her stay at his home. He believed that throwing his nieces out would be the wisest course of action as he knew they made his wife uncomfortable.

They persisted in pleading even after he denied them permission to remain. In order to find out if he was to blame for throwing them out, he recounted the incident to other Reddit members.

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“NTA. Aunty Fascist said, “They’re sixteen years old, old enough to know better and understand that actions have consequences.” She went on to say that the girls should be banished from the house because they were at blame for insulting the wife, who wasn’t feeling well.

Gypsy_teacher, a Redditor, stated that if she had informed her 6-year-old son that she didn’t feel comfortable without a wig, he would have understood.

“I would lock up the car keys, flush my son’s phone down the can, and ground him until he’s 25 if he did that at 16,” she continued.

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Redditor Megalush, meanwhile, claimed her 7-year-old son would never harm someone in that way. She believed her three-year-old child was superior to those sixteen-year-old girls.

“What would happen to them if someone shaved THEIR heads, laughed, and recorded it?”The dad was nice to let the females remain at his house, but the girls were impolite, laulau88foo said in disbelief.

Redditors mostly believed the man was not at blame. Rather, they believed that by requesting their departure, he was acting appropriately since what they had done was wrong.

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