Donald Trump breaks silence after former first lady Rosalynn Carter’s death

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter has passed away, aged 96. President Jimmy Carter’s wife served as the First Lady from 1977 to 1981 and was known for her support of many worthy causes, including her passion for mental health research. Following her passing, tributes have poured in, including those from previous presidents such as Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter pretty much knew each other from the day they were born. Jimmy’s mother, Lillian Carter, was working as a nurse when, one day, her neighbor, Frances Smith, went in labor. Lillian decided to help deliver the baby – and Eleanor Rosalynn was born.

The following day, Rosalynn met Jimmy, then three years old, for the first time. It was the beginning of a lifelong journey they would embark on together, including a stint in the White House and much, much more.

Moreover, several former presidents and first ladies, among them Barack and Michelle Obama, George W and Laura Bush, and Bill and Hillary Clinton, paid tribute to the beloved Rosalynn, sharing their great memories and words of wisdom.

“Melania and I join all Americans in mourning the loss of Rosalynn Carter,” Donald Trump wrote.

“She was a devoted First Lady, a great humanitarian, a champion for mental health, and a beloved wife to her husband for 77 years, President Carter.”

“Over a life spanning nearly a century, Rosalynn Carter earned the admiration and gratitude of our entire nation,” he added.

Melania Trump released her own statement, saying: “Rosalynn Carter leaves behind a meaningful legacy not only as First Lady but as a wife and mother. We will always remember her servant’s heart and devotion to her husband, family, and country. May she rest in peace.”

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Donald Trump breaks silence after former first lady Rosalynn Carter’s death
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