Man chooses to build a tiny cottage for a homeless woman camping outside his house

Man notices a homeless woman sleeping on the streets, then he decides to build a tiny house for her.

A man named Dave Summers is one of those people who help restore our faith in humanity. So what makes him so special?

One day, Dave noticed a woman sleeping on a patch of ground outside his Los Angeles home. Instead of getting mad and asking her to move, he decided to build her a tiny cottage that she could call home.

When the woman, Irene “Smokie” McGee, learned what Dave wanted to do for, her she couldn’t believe her ears.

Using his carpentry skills and being fascinated with the growing trend of people turning to tiny homes, Dave went to the local hardware store and bought $500 worth of supplies before he could invest all his time and energy in building a small-scale residence for Irene.

With the tiny cottage, Irene got a place where she could sleep, spend her time, and keep her few belongings. The place is also secure and easily transportable.

Realizing just how much it meant to Irene to have her own home, Dave decided to share the video of his hard work on YouTube in order to raise awareness of the issue of homelessness in the country which affects more people than we can ever imagine.

What’s more, Dave made it his mission to help even more people who are in the same situation as Irene. The mission now grew big and led to the ‘Small Home Big Purpose’ fundraising initiative.

Over time, Dave also turned to helping those who are less fortunate by providing school possibilities or career options.

When the local church learned of Dave’s noble mission, they generously gave room in their parking lot for these ‘Little Houses’ to stay safe overnight. Further, the church also provides food, bathing, and clothing as part of its humanitarian goal to help homeless people turn a new leaf and get a fresh start.

For more, go to the video below.

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