Dads are getting older, but the kids are at their best: the sons of famous Hollywood actors

The sons of famous Hollywood actors ??

Many actors in Hollywood have very attractive sons. Fathers will soon retire, but their offspring now look so great that they have a lot of fans. Let’s take a look at them and see if they look a lot like their star fathers.
Patrick Schwarzenegger

Arnold, as everyone knows, has five children. Of course, each of them took something from their father . But only one child seemed to have inherited from their parents all the best — the character of Arnold and the refinement of the appearance of Maria Schwaier. We are talking, of course, about Patrick. He decided to follow the same path as his father. He didn’t become a bodybuilder, of course, although he loves it. He’s an accomplished fashion model and also an up-and-coming actor. He’s also been running his own clothing brand since he was 15 years old.

Milo Gibson


Mel Gibson is the father of nine children. He even has a son by Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva. His son, Milo, was born to nurse Robin Moore. In general, over the long years of marriage, she gave her chosen one seven heirs. Milo decided to become an actor, for the first time by participating in his father’s film. He also occasionally shoots for various

Rafferty Law.

Jude Law is the father of five children. His daughter Iris and son Rafferty are the most popular. It is said that Rafferty has every chance of becoming more famous than his father. It feels as if he has taken the best of the looks of his father and mother, Sadie Frost. The young man works as a model at the Select Model Management agency. He also has a hobby — he plays in the rock band Dirty Harrys. Fans are watching his life and career with interest, waiting for the moment when he becomes more famous than Jude.



Jack Nicholson is officially known to have five children from four different ladies. But rumor has it that he actually has considerably more heirs, he just doesn’t spread the word about them. Rebecca Broussard bore him two children: Lorraine and Raymond. By the way, the latter was born when his father was already 55 years old. Unfortunately, Raymond had no luck with his acting career. He starred in one movie, after which directors stopped being interested in him. Now he works in one of the film companies.

Chester Hanks

Of course, everyone knows Tom Hanks’ son Colin, who was born by the actor’s first wife — Samantha Lewis. But we can’t help but to tell about Chester. He came from the second marriage of the actor with Rita Wilson, which lasted more than 30 years. The young man has an incredibly attractive appearance, due to which he has many female fans. He went to university and got married. Now he is engaged in the upbringing of his daughter. Chester can often be seen in various youth series. But he has not yet caught up with Colin in terms of popularity.

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