“Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman Is Not The Same.” Age Did Not Protect Him

Aaron Paul rose to fame thanks to his part in the hit TV show Breaking Bad. Since the last series’ premiere, many years have passed, and the actor completely changed the course of his life. He is no longer easily identified as a quick student involved in criminal activity.

He wed Lauren Percy, his longtime girlfriend, in 2013. The stars had a daughter after getting married. The actor acknowledges spending a lot of time with his family. He also doesn’t disregard his professional life.

The celebrity changed both his and his wife’s last names in an effort to gain more attention. He portrayed Aaron Sturtevant in the well-known television series, but Paul is now the name that appears in all the publications.

The actor is constantly receiving offers for roles in television and movies. Fans did notice that he should now pick roles that are more brutal, though. Even with makeup, they are confident that the 43-year-old star will not be able to pass for a young student.

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“Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman Is Not The Same.” Age Did Not Protect Him
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