What Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s 26-year-old son looks like now

One of the most attractive Hollywood couples at one point was Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. The actor’s couple adopted two foster children, Isabella and Connor, instead of having their own children.

Only six years old at the time of Kidman and Cruise’s divorce, Connor. After being granted joint custody, Kidman went for Australia while Cruise remained in California with the kids. The star mom appeared in front of Isabella and Connor less frequently over time. She later wed Keith Urban, and the two of them had kids of their own.

The adoptive son and daughter became progressively distant from their well-known mother as a result. Not the least of these was Connor and Bella’s devotion to Scientology, where they emulated their father. Rumor has it that Cruz’s dependency on Scientology was the cause of the famous couple’s separation. By the way, Katie Holmes, Tom’s second wife, also struggled with her husband’s intense devotion.

Cruise made an effort to keep his kids away from the media and the celebrity scene because he did not want his and Kidman’s popularity to spoil them. They hardly ever made public appearances, and fans know little about them.

Previously spending a lot of time together, the brother and sister now lead separate lives. It’s true that little is still known about Connor. The son of Cruise and Kidman wed Silvia Zanci in 2019, an Italian who practices Scientology. By the way, Nicole, he declined to attend the wedding because he still has resentment toward his adoptive mother.

In actuality, Connor attempted acting, but he was not successful. After that, he briefly worked as a DJ but failed to succeed as a musician.

The young man, who rarely posts on Instagram (an extreme platform outlawed in Russia), recently did so to share a picture of a massive fish he had just caught with his followers. This allowed viewers to observe how Kidman and Cruz’s son has changed over the years.


The young man developed into a vicious adult; you would never guess that he is just 26 years old. Connor appears to be 10 to 15 years older, whether it is the beard or his somewhat bulky frame. Cruz Jr. was barraged with inquiries about his life and activities from subscribers, but he opted to remain silent.

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What Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s 26-year-old son looks like now
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