A child weighing 7.2 kg was born in 1983. How is he still alive after 39 years?

The 1983 birth of the kid Kevin Robert Clark generated a lot of media attention throughout the nation. After all, the infant was 7.2 kg in weight! He was the largest infant in the country.

They had previous children who were equally gigantic, so Patricia Clark, Kevin’s mother, expected that the child would probably be enormous, but she did not expect such a shock.

When the child was taken home from the hospital, it was discovered that all of his clothes were too tiny for him and that he couldn’t fit in a conventional bed.

When Kevin was 12 years old, he was taller than 152 cm. “Given my rapid height increase, finding proper apparel and footwear was the most difficult. It was difficult since I needed clothing all the time, he recalls.

Because of his height, everyone coerced him into trying sports; they forced him to play basketball. Kevin, however, struggled with sports since he had little passion for the activity. He loved hunting and fishing, though.

After that, Kevin enlisted in the US Air Force, and he is currently a state police officer. He is presently 39 years old, 136 kg in weight, and over 2 meters tall. The man reveals that he doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight since, literally when he was a baby, he was the subject of several jokes that were circulated in the media. Over time, the man becomes more and more upset by all the jokes and stories that are told about him. Therefore, we do not suggest…

However, Kevin’s life has generally progressed; he discovered his true love, got a puppy, and the guy is happy. When someone asks if I play basketball, I answer, “Do you play mini golf.” John states

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A child weighing 7.2 kg was born in 1983. How is he still alive after 39 years?
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