Elegant beauty with delicate features: Popular 91-year-old model showed her photos from her youth

Despite her advanced age, Carmen Dell’Orefice, 91, is today a popular and in-demand model.
At the age of 14, she gained her first modeling experience. Carmen took part in Vogue photo assignments. The majority of photographers were then won over by her beauty.

Our protagonist was raised by a violinist and a ballerina. They were impoverished. The girl lived with her mother when her parents were divorced. Her mother enrolled her in ballet because she wanted her to become a ballerina.

Because her mother was a stern and occasionally quite nasty woman who did not like the way her daughter looked, the girl received continual criticism from her parents. Because she was the tallest and thinnest of her friends and was unpopular with boys, Carmen thought she was ugly.

The girl was able to spend several months living at a boarding school due to the extreme lack of funds. She had always wanted to be a ballerina, but because of her rheumatism, it was impossible.

Carmen nevertheless accomplished a lot; she started her modeling career at the age of 14. Her image appeared on the Vogue cover in 1947.

The model stated that she didn’t like the photo; when the girl saw it, she almost started crying because of how boyish her hair looked.



The celebrity had a challenging upbringing. She and her mother did not have many comforts, and money was never enough. To pay for the apartment, they were forced to pawn a sewing machine. They had to raise money all month to pay the energy bill. The woman now has a true appreciation for both money and life because to her experience-related baggage.

In 1963, the model decided to end her career, but her agent heard about it and laughed, because she knew that the work is the life of our heroine.

In 1978 Carmen met Norman Parkinson who brought her back into the fashion world. The model accepted the offer, as her daughter was already an adult and the marriage broke up.

More often than not, women try to hide age-related changes in their appearance. However, Carmen did not get younger and did not dye her hair – on the contrary, she bleached it, making a silvery shade her highlight. By 1987, the woman was again very in demand and popular.

By the way, Carmen has authored a book called “Being Beautiful: Secrets and Techniques I Learned in 40 Years of Modeling” in which she shares her experiences.

It’s true that when you look at the pictures of this amazing woman, you see that the passage of time has no bearing on her. She appears stunning. She still participates in fashion events and shoots commercials, just like she did when she was younger. Carmen disproved the notion that the “ceiling” age for models is 30.

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Elegant beauty with delicate features: Popular 91-year-old model showed her photos from her youth
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