The resemblance is frightening: Michael Jackson’s sister has become a copy of her late brother

She seemed to have gone a bit overboard with the plastic surgery.

In addition to being the music king of global fame, Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, was also a fervent admirer of plastic surgery.

His first procedure was a rhinoplasty, which he underwent for medical reasons after breaking his nose during a dance practice. But as time went on, his appearance continued to change.

Jackson transformed into a doll at the height of his fame, even altering the hue of his skin. Expert surgeons have asserted that he underwent at least a dozen operations to alter the contours of his lips, cheekbones, chin, and eyes at various times. Few times in the final two years of his life did Michael appear in public without a mask covering his nose; many believed that the numerous rhinoplasty procedures had caused it to collapse naturally.

And now Janet Jackson, his famous sister, appears to have followed in his footsteps. Fans were shocked to see how she had changed when she walked the red carpet at the annual Bal de la Rose.

First of all, Janet does not appear to be 56 years old. And it’s possible that in addition to genetics, another factor contributing to this is a professional facelift.

Second, Jackson’s eyes significantly changed shape and her nose shrunk considerably from what it had been. Also lighter is the skin, though possibly that is just the foundation. In any case, internet people have remarked that she is beginning to resemble her deceased sibling in a terrifying way.

Remember that Janet has stated time and time again that her life has only just begun after turning 50. She was able to have a child while divorcing rich Wissam Al-Mana of Qatar.

By the way, Janet Jackson put on weight both during and after her son’s birth. Having lost more than 50 kg, the singer can hardly be described as puffy at this point.



It appears that she got plastic surgery in addition to all the other alterations. The most important factor is that Janet is not as into them as she is with her renowned brother.

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The resemblance is frightening: Michael Jackson’s sister has become a copy of her late brother
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