Redesigned her face: Look what Monica from “Friends” has become

The “Friends” special from last year is recognized for Courtney Cox’s transformation. It was impossible to distinguish this curvy brunette from the stunning Monica.

Fans were surprised by the 58-year-old star’s entrance. In an effort to regain her former beauty, she eventually lost all distinguishable traits. Cox now appears dejected, more gaunt, and has lost even more weight.

Recent images demonstrate the same phenomenon. The actress doesn’t reveal exactly what she did to her face. The Voice claims there is disagreement among specialists. The actress allegedly overdid it with skin-smoothing injections, which is why some claim her face appears stretched out.

Others speculate that her eyelids may have been sliced and her bich bags removed by the surgeons, leaving her with sunken eyes and cheeks that drooped into her skull.

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Redesigned her face: Look what Monica from “Friends” has become
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