She hid under the bed to find out if her boyfriend is faithful to her…

After several years of stable relationship, the passion between them subsided a bit. The girl began to ask herself, “Is he true to me? Does it love? What will he do if I abandon him? »



To check the reaction of her beloved, the girl decided to write him a letter saying that it was all over, that she was tired of his indifference, that love had died long ago, etc. In fact, she was not going to leave him, of course. All was ready. The letter lay in a conspicuous place. It remains only to wait for your boyfriend and get under the bed, so as not to miss his reaction. Arriving home and reading the letter, the young man began whistling merrily while dialing someone’s number on his phone. She couldn’t believe her ears. What’s going on?

«Darling, hello! I’m on my way! Imagine, she finally figured out that I’m cheating! She left on her own, thank goodness. God, this relationship was a big mistake. I got rid of it, thank God… I will finally see you soon!” The guy on the phone was talking.


The girl lay under the bed in complete shock for several minutes. How could she have been so mistaken? So many years to live with a man who did not appreciate her one bit! When the guy left, tears suddenly began to flow from his eyes.

She decided to pull herself together, pull herself together and not suffer a single second because of this idiot. How could he? On the table, the girl found a letter. A farewell from him, she thought.The letter was laconic.“You fool, my love, honey, the next time you play me, make sure your feet don’t stick out from under the bed. Went to the store, will be back soon. I love!”

Love one another!

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She hid under the bed to find out if her boyfriend is faithful to her…
They Do Exist!