Due to severe obesity, she had one foot in the grave … After 2 years, everyone’s jaws dropped

Nikki Webster, a 33-year-old Arkansasian, lost about 90 kg in 12 months thanks to gastric bypass surgery. Until this turning point, the severely obese American woman could hardly stand and shower.

фотография Никки Уэбстер

Being overweight made simple things like getting out of bed and cleaning up in the bathroom challenging for Webster. The woman will talk about her struggles on TLC’s ‘My 600lb Life’ on February 28th.

Nikki confessed: ‘My weight was undermining my health. My body was tormented and I hated it. However, I was able to tell myself that food has become my addiction and that this addiction is killing me.

фотография Никки Уэбстер

It took the American woman eight hours to travel with her father, Terry, from her home in Little Rock, Arkansas to Houston, Texas, for a consultation with Dr. Yunan Nauzaradan.

In her consultation, Nikki found out that she would have to lose 22-23 kg on a strict diet before she could have a gastric bypass.

фотография Никки Уэбстер

The first goal was achieved in just three months, and Dr. Yunan agreed to operate on an obese patient. After the constriction of the stomach, Webster began to lose weight before our eyes — and in 12 months she lost about 90 kg.

Nikki additionally visited a psychotherapist to consolidate her results and never return to the path of overeating. The sessions with the psychotherapist ended for the patient with a touching heart-to-heart conversation with her mother Llewellyn and sister Courtney.

фотография Никки Уэбстер

Until this turning point, Courtney forbade her children from seeing Nikki, so that her aunt would not traumatize the children’s psyche with her terrible appearance.

фотография Никки Уэбстер

Webster is currently planning to lose another 200 pounds over the next 12-18 months.

Slimming American from Arkansas will open the fourth season of the program “My 600lb Life”. At the time of shooting, Nikki lost 28.5 kg in one month.

фотография Никки Уэбстер

She confessed to Dr. Nauzaradan that she was not confident in her abilities and thought that she would not have time to lose weight in time. In addition, medical tests revealed pulmonary hypertension in the patient, which was provoked by problems with obesity. This meant that Nikki’s heart was unable to deliver enough oxygen to the body, thus making the stomach operation too risky.

During that period, Webster worked on herself with all her might. She was able to overcome the obsessive thought that all her efforts might be in vain, and three months later, the thin patient was successfully operated on.

Even before starting the wellness program, Nikki confessed her food addiction. She said that she was simply not able to stop and stop wasting money on food even in front of the fear of death.

‘I brought myself up. Eating has always been an indelible habit for me. This addiction was killing me,” Webster said with tears in her eyes.

Nikki is in her 40s, but she still lives with her parents, who didn’t oppose her daughter and allowed her to overeat.

‘When my day began, I couldn’t wait for the time to eat,’ the American recalls. “My mom or dad used to send me a plate of food up the lift so I didn’t go downstairs for breakfast myself.”

Webster was forced to admit that her family fueled her addiction, which made things like getting out of bed and showering into a real torment.

‘My mom and dad are both cooks and they will do anything I want for me,’ Nikki said.

Each hour-long episode of ‘My 600lb Life’ tells the story of an obese man who travels to Houston, Texas to meet with Dr. Younan Nauzaradan in the hopes of getting a gastric bypass.

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Due to severe obesity, she had one foot in the grave … After 2 years, everyone’s jaws dropped
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