Hauntingly voiced teen stuns audiences with an Elvis classic

A few notes escape from the piano and everyone looks up: they recognize the melody. Raffi Arto, 16, plays and sings Elvis Presley’s famous hit “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. His voice, which has nothing to do with the voice of the typical teenager, slowly fills the room. His performance radiates, strangely, the same strength as those of Elvis at the time.

As the song progresses, we understand that Raffi will be a very serious competitor. I don’t think anyone expected such a sensitive performance from someone so young. This boy is not even old enough to drive yet, but he is already an accomplished artist.

Raffi has always loved music. It’s his whole life. As a child, he sang all the time, and everywhere. He started the piano at only six years old. Most of his memories revolve around music.

He played, practiced or gave free rein to his creativity. His occupations always had to be related to music; he never got tired of it.

When, in a recent interview, he was asked how many hours he spends practicing music each day, Raffi laughed and replied that he didn’t count. He explained that in his early days he played the piano two or three hours a day, but that day, for example, he only did an hour.

The teenager also said he was interested in other activities, such as boxing and football, although he admitted having had to relegate sport to the background to prepare for his participation in The Voice. Aware that the show will be a short experience on the scale of his life, and he wants to make the most of this adventure.

Music has long come almost naturally to him, but Raffi feels he has reached a new level. Singing in front of so many people complicates things slightly. He explains that it is not easy to play every week in front of millions of people, in the public and behind their television.

He even admits to having stage fright before going on stage. Either way, his anxiety is absolutely not transmitting. On stage, his attitude is relaxed and the audience seems fascinated. His stress is absolutely invisible.

He delivers a flawless interpretation, from the treble to his impeccable vibrato. Raffi not only has an incredible technique, but also a real gift for capturing the attention of the public. This guy knows how to deal with his audience very well. He has incredible talent!

At the end of the song, the audience stands up like one man and applauds him wildly. Her rendition of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” is winning over the world. Raffi is sure to break through if he continues to deliver these kinds of performances! Watch him in the video below.

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Hauntingly voiced teen stuns audiences with an Elvis classic
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