“Sons Look Like Dad!”: Who Of The Children of Robin Williams Followed In The Footsteps Of Their Father?

Robin Williams was a wonderful actor who was able to combine a talented acting game, an unsurpassed inner charm and the ability to cause sincere smiles on the faces of the fans.

Starting his career as a comedian, Robin performed in clubs. His performances were a success, and his popularity grew every day. At the age of 26, Williams starred in his first film, which was the beginning of his career as an actor. During his life, he played in almost a hundred films, participated in the dubbing of cartoon characters, acted as a producer and director.

Many films with his participation have become cult. Among them are “Jumanji”, “Bicentennial Man”, “Jack” and others. The actor easily managed to play both comic characters and serious, mysterious and thoughtful ones.

Robin Williams was married three times, had two sons and a daughter. He died at the age of 63.

Zach Williams

Zach, the eldest son of Robin Williams, is now 36 years old. He was born from the actor’s first marriage to model Valeria Velardi. Zach is an aspiring film actor, appearing mainly in episodes of television series.

Zelda Williams

Zelda’s mother was the second wife of Robin Williams – Marsha Garces, who for some time worked as a nanny for his eldest son.

Zelda is a 30-year-old actress. In addition, she is engaged in voicing cartoon characters. She also acts as a screenwriter, producer and director. She has more than 30 film works, the most famous of which are: the series “Werewolf”, the comedy “Nubas” and others.

Cody Williams

The family tradition of the acting dynasty did not break and the youngest son of Robin Williams. At the age of 28, he has acted in more than 70 films, including high-budget ones. This year, Cody took a very important step in life – he married.

Do you like Robin Williams? What films with his participation did you like the most? We are waiting for your comments!

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“Sons Look Like Dad!”: Who Of The Children of Robin Williams Followed In The Footsteps Of Their Father?
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