Mom of 3 Brings Elderly Stranger Home on Christmas Eve after Finding Him Freezing Outside: ‘True Angel’

When a mother-of-three spotted a 64-year-old man with special needs freezing in the blizzard outside her house on Christmas, she couldn’t stop herself from inviting him inside. What followed was a series of heartwarming events that people considered a Christmas miracle.

Like most people, Sha’Kyra Aughtry thought she would spend time with her family on Christmas, but fate had other plans. The mother-of-three was at her Buffalo, New York, home with her boyfriend, Trent, on Christmas Eve when she heard someone cry for help outside her house.

While the blizzard wreaked havoc in the city during the holiday season, Aughtry and Trent got a chance to save a stranger from dying. They found a man covered in snow when they responded to the knock on their door.


A Horrifying Memory

Watching the unknown man asking for help reminded Aughtry of a horrifying memory from 2019: her 30-year-old brother was asking for help at her doorstep after getting injured in a shooting incident.

Unfortunately, Aughtry’s brother passed away despite her trying to help him. She couldn’t let history repeat itself and decided to help the stranger.

Once the couple realized someone was stuck in the deadly blizzard outside their house, Trent volunteered to carry the feeble man inside while Aughtry prepared to make him feel warm.

The Unknown Man

When the couple brought the man inside they realized he had frostbite. Moreover, they learned he was a man with special needs and had no idea how long he had been stuck in the snow.

Aughtry had never thought she would accompany a stranger to the hospital on Christmas.
Before asking him questions, Aughtry quickly cleaned the man and covered him in warm clothing. She even used a hairdryer to make him feel better and fed him, unaware of the last time he ate.

Helping the Stranger

At that point, Aughtry only cared about helping the man. She tried her best to calm him down and provide him with everything he needed to feel comfortable and warm.

Once the man was calm and realized he was in a safe space, he told Aughtry that his name was Joey White. He was a 64-year-old man who worked at North Park Theater near Aughtry’s place.

What made things easy for Augtry was that Joey remembered his sister’s number by heart. Once he narrated it to her, Aughtry quickly called Yvonne White and told her about Joey.

He Still Needed Help

While Yvonne was relieved to know her brother was safe, she also felt terrible because she couldn’t travel 20 miles to meet him. The roads were covered in thick layers of snow, making it impossible to drive on them.

Yvonne revealed that her brother lived in a group home. Before the deadly blizzard hit, she had instructed him not to leave his residence, and he agreed. He had planned to stay indoors, but Yvonne suspected he had left his house for work because it was a routine for him.

Yvonne said her brother must have decided to walk home after feeling scared. She was grateful to Augtry for inviting him inside her house, but there was still a lot left to do because Joey needed immediate medical attention.

Angels in Disguise

Desperate for help, Aughtry uploaded a video plea on Facebook, telling everyone how she found Joey crying for help outside her house. In no time, a group of Samaritans arrived outside Aughtry’s house, plowed the snow outside, and then wrapped Joey in a blanket before taking him to the hospital.

Aughtry had never thought she would accompany a stranger to the hospital on Christmas. She sat with him in the truck and assured him everything would be okay. She said:

“Don’t cry … We’re friends for life now.”

Saving the Man

When the Program Director at North Part Theatre, Ray Barker, learned how Aughtry saved Joey’s life, he felt grateful. He said he had called Joey before the blizzard to tell him not to come to work.

Since Joey had been working at the theatre for more than 40 years, going to work was a habit for him. His sister said his mental capacity was that of an 11-year-old, which explains why Joey left his house despite two people instructing him to stay home.

After examining Joey, the doctors said he had fourth-degree frostbite and had to stay in the hospital. Things would have been much worse if Aughtry and Trent didn’t bring him inside their house.

A True Angel

Aughtry’s sister felt proud after learning how she saved a man’s life on Christmas. It reminded the sisters of their late brother. Meanwhile, Yvonne couldn’t wait to meet Aughtry. She said:

“This stranger opened up her heart and opened up her home.”

Once Aughtry’s heroic story went viral on the internet, “Sweet Buffalo” on Facebook asked people to send cards to Joey and Aughtry and said Augtry was a “true angel.” The post includes their addresses and mentions that two online fundraisers are also live on GoFundMe to help Joey and Aughtry.

Aughtry rescued Joey right on time, and the coincidence is nothing short of a Christmas miracle! We hope Joey recovers soon and that Aughtry and Trent keep inspiring people with their positive actions.

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Mom of 3 Brings Elderly Stranger Home on Christmas Eve after Finding Him Freezing Outside: ‘True Angel’
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