Mother abandoned her 1 year old daughter in home, 10 years later, she returned and didn’t believe her eyes

Residents of the Russian city of Yaroslavl will never forget a specific incident that took place 10 years ago. This was announced by the “100th anniversary” of the Russian parliament in 2014.

It all started one day when one of the neighbors accidentally heard a baby crying loudly nearby. He did not pay much attention to all that and returned to his usual, daily affairs.

But a few days later they saw again that the child was crying. During the interrogation, no one saw anyone enter or leave the house where the baby was crying. The lights were never on inside the house, even in the evening when it was already dark outside.

At that moment, the victim started to worry and immediately called the police.

When the police arrived and entered the house, it was completely empty. People who used to live there have left and taken everything with them and disappeared.

The only thing left for them at home was a little bitch.

A 1-year-old child was found lying on the floor in a cold and dirty state, and it was obvious that he had been alone there for a long time.

After many investigations, the authorities finally found out that the child was named Lisa Verbitskaya, but her parents could not be found.

Lisa was taken to the hospital, where she recovered within a few days.

A woman named Inna Nika was at the hospital with her sick son. He spent many days and nights there by his son’s bed.

One day he heard some noise from one of the hospital rooms and glanced inside to see what was really going on. There he saw little Lisa and just felt that his motherly instinct was immediately awakened in him.

Since then, Inna has visited Lisa almost every day, bringing her lots of toys and clothes, as well as food.

One day Inna came to visit Lisa, as she does every day, but it turned out that Lisa was no longer in the hospital.

The hospital staff informed her that little Lisa was not strong enough to leave the hospital, and she was taken to a local orphanage.

Inna felt only sadness and emptiness at that moment, and she missed the little girl very much. He decided that he should do everything possible to find the girl.

When he finally managed to find Lisa, his goal was very clear. He wanted to adopt her.

Inna started the formal adoption process, which included a number of paperwork and bureaucracy. In time, Lisa was allowed to move in with her and her family. Inna loved the girl as much as she loved her own children.

He was 2 years old when Lisa was adopted by Inna. He still could not chew food on his own and was very afraid of loud noises. It was obvious that the child was seriously injured because of the difficult life he had before.

However, Inna had made a firm decision to take care of all the needs of the child, and those gloomy days were not long gone.

Inna later found out that Lisa could hardly walk. So he signed her up to the local dance school, hoping that the music would make Lisa happier and that she would feel more at ease with her body and that her senses would be awakened.

It’s not clear if this was a dance school or because of all the love and support she received from her new mother, but soon Lisa flourished and became like any other girl her age.

Because Lisa had darker skin, she was different from her new siblings. He did not have an easy childhood and was often bullied and bullied by other children. But Inna always taught her not to listen to what others said ․ they are just jealous of her.

Today, Lisa is a teenager and has already won several titles of beauty and talent. She even got her first job as a model. It seems that all those who have been able to aggress and oppress him because of his appearance are now biting their tongues out of envy.

This amazing and wonderful story of Lisa and her modeling career brought her great fame and success, especially in Russia, and it did not take long for her real biological mother to learn about it.

After becoming famous today, his real mother tried to contact him in every possible way, but was rejected. Lisa got her details and now it’s up to her to decide if she wants to meet her mother, who left her when she was a child.

We are so happy to see how fate has been kind to Lisa and given her a new happy home with a loving and warm family.

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Mother abandoned her 1 year old daughter in home, 10 years later, she returned and didn’t believe her eyes
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