Like a magnet: 7 unobvious qualities of a woman that men are drawn to


Yes, it’s so banal. But the movies are desperately forcing us to believe that guys fall in love with those who are rude and challenging them. They may fall in love with them, but they love them for a short time. But cute girls who are pleasant in communication cause much more long-term feelings.

Light coquetry

Honestly, men are enough these two points to fall in love. Girls underestimate the power of harmless flirtatiousness.



Absence of negativity

Girls who give compliments, who say nice things instead of negative things, attract. Those girls who don’t notice the stain on their shirt say soothing things.

She’s not competing, she’s collaborating

There is nothing more miserable than a person who competes with others. It’s like he doesn’t believe he’s good enough not to look for confirmation. Men love such, self-confident.

She is not afraid to be herself.

Girls who can afford both a loud laugh and an honest confession that they don’t know something, they don’t know how – this type is just crazy.

She is asking for help

Men are just pleased when they are asked for help.

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Like a magnet: 7 unobvious qualities of a woman that men are drawn to
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