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Young Man Is Told To Stop Singing Because He Is Nervous, But He Goes On To Earn Golden Buzzer
Gruffydd Wyn is a North Wales native who aspires to be a successful singer. Because of a difficult family
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A stunning impromptu performance of ‘Unchained Melody’ by an 81-year-old wows a nursing home.
No one expected 81-year-old Dave Williams to sing a proper tune when he took the microphone to sing at
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The network got new pictures of the grown-up quintuplets: they will already go to school
“Busby quintuplets” became famous almost all over the planet, based on an unwritten TV series.
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Meet Rumeysa, the tallest woman on Earth
This is the true story of a young woman who is the tallest in the world. Through her platform, the woman
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Every day, a little child comes home from school crying until his father shows up in his classroom. Here is why.
Joe, an eight-year-old kid, went to school with his hair in a ponytail. He could hear laughter from his
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Incredibly talented 11-year-old turns The Voice coaches’ heads in a matter of seconds
The Voice is a singing competition that searches for the best singers from all over the world.
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Simon is skeptical of nervous singer Lucie Jones, but her Whitney Houston audition stuns him.
Simon Cowell doubts Lucie Jones’ ability to perform Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” during
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This single dad raised 30 kids and adopted 3 more… Here is how all of them live now!
The man has been involved in adoption for 19 years and has successfully raised 30 children throughout
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Mother abandoned her 1 year old daughter in home, 10 years later, she returned and didn’t believe her eyes
Residents of the Russian city of Yaroslavl will never forget a specific incident that took place 10 years ago.
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How do brides look before and after applying makeup — photo
The main, let’s say, attraction at a wedding is the bride. All the guests are looking forward to seeing
6 Strange Things Women Do in the Bathroom But They Never Admit It
It is generally accepted that only men are characterized by slovenliness and stuff like that, but a woman
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A 127-centimeter woman became a mother for the third time. What do children of a special couple look like?
amazing family Charlie is a mother of three children. And despite the peculiarities in appearance, the